• Introducing AnderssonBell first scarf from Italy.

    Q. Please explain the wool material used in the Andersson Bell scarf made by Bisentino.

    A. The wool used in the Andersson Bell scarf is from New Zealand and Australia, which is characterized by its very softness.
    The mohair used for check scarf was from South Africa, the alpaca is from Peru, and the wool is from New Zealand.
    The blends of these yarns make the scarf more voluminous and smooth.


    Q. The muffler, created by Andersson Bell and Bisentino, has a unique design. The hairy is very luxuriant, but the touch is a bit rough. Is there a reason?

    A. This is a second model, a check scarf, which was made in collaboration with Andersson Bell.
    This scarf is blended with mohair, alpaca, and wool, so its hair is long and soft.
    The first time you wear it may feel rough, but over time the fiber becomes less stiff and the scarf becomes softer. And the long, clear hair, the beautiful effect of the scarf itself, will be maintained.