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Hello! My name is Betty I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark.
I'm studying photography, doing styling, shooting and
seeking inspiration on galleries - from up coming artists.
I snap photos of everyday life, friends in spontaneous
situations, people and objects. I also have a passion
for vintage and styling, and have been collecting
special pieces since I was little. I see my closet as
a treasure box, that grows with me throughout my life.

  • Betty Where do you normally get inspiration when styling?

  • From people on the street, vintage clothing,
    magazines, skatevideos, and art
    documentaries and traveling.

  • When I dress, there’s no rules - I like when things
    are a bit off, maybe wearing a t-shirt with a tiny
    strap top or a vintage vest over it - with layering,
    there is endless possibilities!

  • But I also find inspiration in music, some of my favorite
    musicians are: Blood Orange, Greentea Peng, Caroline
    Polachek, The Internet and more.

Where is your favorite spot in your home?

  • Must be my room,
    where I keep my clothing -
    obviously where I spend a lot of
    time ;)

What do you like about Andersson Bell the
brand, and do you have any favorite pieces?

  • I think Andersson Bell is
    exceptionally good with
    patterns, shapes and
    fabrics. My favorite pieces
    must be the "NOVAH RAW
    CUT JACKET" and my
    DUFFLE COAT". I love to
    wear the jackets with my
    oversized vintage Carhartt
    jeans, and with one of my
    own charm necklace

  • I make necklaces and bracelets
    with vintage beads, stones and
    charms - that I collect on flea
    markets, in antique stores and
    many other places - on travels
    and local here in Copenhagen.
    @helloyellowcharms I call it ;)

Special Thanks To : Betty
Interview : Yeji-Kim
Date : Dec 6th, 2021