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My name is Pernille Rosenkilde and I live in
Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a creative spirit
and work as a stylist, designer of my own
sustainable brand @perandthezoo, have my own
vintage shop @winwintage and work
as an influencer on Instagram

A : Where do you normally get inspriration when styling?

This is always the hardest question.
I get inspiration anywhere.
Magazines, Pinterest, Instagram
and on the street.

Actually old people inspire me a lot.
Their way of dressing and making
an effort is something to learn from.

A : Where is the most your favorite section in your house?
if you have, can you share pictures with reason?

P : I love our kitchen and dining area.
Somehow this is just the room
we spend most time in.
We work, eat, talk, have friends
over and everything in between
in this room

A. What do you think is the biggest attraction of Andersson Bell?

P : I love that there is so much creativity in Andersson Bell.
Somehow it seems like there is room for taking chances
when it comes to design and that is
why I think this brand is so amazing.
great colours, different shapes and ideas
but at the same time really good quality.

Special Thanks To : Pernille Rosenkilde
Interview : Yeji-Kim
Date : Jan 12th, 2022